Namal, around 5 years old and handicapped was found abandoned as an infant with a snare injury on his hind leg. As the injury was bad, after many attempts to save the foot, it was finally decided that amputation was the only solution. ETH is his permanent home. Once the aftercare was done and the wound was healed, Namal had a prosthetic foot done for him. As Namal keeps growing, with the wear and tear, the vets need to keep re-doing his prosthetic foot.

Unlike other elephants at ETH Namal can never be rehabilitated, due to his injury, caused by humans to a perfectly normal baby elephant.Today he is paying a heavy price due to the human-elephant conflict. As Namal keeps growing, and with the wear and tear of the shoe, new shoes will have to be done. It is a long term commitment to be able to keep Namal as healthy and comfortable as possible. Any help in terms of expertise or financial are welcome to assist with the wellbeing of Namal.